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The female body AT ANY AGE
is designed
to manufacture and balance
its own female hormones!

Since this is true, then can you answer this question:

  Why isn't it doing so?  

Producing and balancing female hormones in the female body itself  is always better than providing them from outside sources. That's because external ones may contain synthetic chemicals. Yet even if the substances are so-called 'bioidentical', they still bypass the body's natural feedback mechanisms, and can generate all manner of side effects (including some that are life threatening)!
  But what to do instead? 
If you want to learn how to support the female body so it can balance its own hormones, and how to do so naturally, now you can! Each printed lesson draws on my extensive up-to-date research, training and clinical experience - more than 50 years helping women navigate all aspects of their female hormone journey. You simply can't get this information even if you researched it full-time online for over a year.

Thank you, Pam!
The Natural Female Hormone Care program is an invaluable resource for me in my practice. The clear explanations of the systems helps me to quickly review and apply the concepts with my clients. I really appreciate having the information in such a concise and well written format. Now I will be able to help the women in my practice find their balance.

                                                          D.S., L. Ac.

 Delivered to you in every lesson you will receive:
  • One Natural Female Hormone Care lesson per week for 52 weeks in convenient .pdf printed format 
    that takes under 15 minutes - easy to read now and reference later; (short lessons, big results); 
  • Free, extra bonus materials delivered at natural transitions throughout the course; 
  • Other, unannounced bonuses and built-in surprises to assist your learning and provide you with
    tools you can use; plus a
  • Super 'graduation' bonus at the completion of your twelve month training that is worth a great deal. 
Your credit card will be automatically billed $47 a month for 12 months. As soon as your registration is complete, you’ll receive your confirmation email with the link so you can download your first lesson immediately. Then, once a week for the next 51 weeks, you'll receive your next lesson plus the extra bonuses along the way. 
  You will learn: 
  • What truly natural female hormone care is; 
  • Methods of evaluation, what they mean and how to choose; 
  • An overview of the range of effective remedies and how to select them; 
  • The impact of each woman's bodily condition, how to assess it and address it; 
  • How to use 14 separate questionnaires to pinpoint distress in specific organs and systems and what to do if they need help; 
  • Environmental factors that impinge on hormonal balance and how to manage them; 
  • The history of hormone care, how it has evolved to its contemporary form; 
  • The controversy over hormone therapy (HT) and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and how it affects hormone care choices; 
  • Implications of synthetic and bioidentical hormone use; 
  • Market forces, hormone profitablility and how it impacts natural female hormone care; 
  • More than 40 specific protocols to address each woman's unique hormonal condition; 
  • The politics of hormones, why you need to navigate them; 
  • And much more! 
  Note:  The material for each class has been reviewed by a number of EXPERT
  health professionals who have generously helped shape it; for that reason, especially, we think
  you'll be most pleased to access this material.

You will  learn about Natural Female Hormone Care from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, or wherever you access it on your mobile device. You will  learn at a pace that allows you to consider and integrate the material before the next lesson. You will be free of travel expenses, so you save time, money and hassles. 

All health professionals and students of the health sciences are welcome to register.
(Note: If you are not a health professional or studying to be one, the lessons will help you understand
your female hormonal self and how it affects your overall health. They will also help you to assist your health professionals to
better meet your personal health needs. It's like having an expert mentor pick out what you need to know and guide you.)

"Pam, this is an excellent contribution to the field, and one that contains both accurate and highly relevant information concerning the effective use of
professionally-prescribed herbal supplements.
As such it is vital for both consumers and patients."

 Kerry Bone, Professor, Director of Research,  MediHerb of Australia

You will receive one easy-to-read and easy-to-digest lesson per week for 52 weeks. Each lesson will take you
under 15 minutes to read and absorb. (Of course, you can go through each one as many times as you like.)
They are presented in bite-sized chunks, so you have plenty of time to absorb them before moving on to the next one.
You will learn all about natural female hormone care. You will also learn the language and concerns that go along with that topic. It is crucial to communication between health practitioners and clients/patients, which is where it matters most.
We'll cover all the aspects of Natural Female Hormone Care, meaning everything that impacts a woman's hormonal self, from the details of how to support each individual hormonal factory in her body all the way through politics, legislation, environmental stresses and more.

Some of the material presented stands in stark contrast to the messages about female hormones portrayed in the media, and even some depicted by scientists backed up by research grants and university positions.

We believe that you are an intelligent person and can think for yourself. You can make your own decisions, especially when you are properly informed, and most especially when you have various points of view at your disposal.

"...I asked myself if anything that can possibly help is missing, and I can assure you that I found no gaps, no missing parts. Pam left no stone unturned in the quest to give you everything you need to know!

"Every woman, every practitioner who works with women, everyone who has a mother, sister, girlfriend... you get the point, I'm sure... must read this and make certain those loved women do too!"
                                                           Michael Dobbins, D.C., National Lecturer to Health Professionals 


"As a non-professional, I found this material fascinating and a breeze to understand. Right away, I was curious and wanted to know more. I know it will be no problem for non-professionals to understand. Pam, it's great that you let non-professionals in on professional information and a professional point of view."
                                                                  K.G., Mother & Retired Teacher

In less than 15 minutes a week, you will learn how to keep the female hormone system balanced, from the inside out, while producing greater overall health and wellbeing, with

no chemicals,
no additives,
no side effects, 
no prescriptions,
no kidding!

And you will know exactly how to answer that question: "Since the female hormone system is built to manufacture and balance its own hormones, then Why isn't it doing so?"  

"I've just started it, Pam, and already I'm really motivated to take care of my hormones and my health."

                                                   Mother and life coach

“Even educated health professionals and experienced clinicians can find female hormone balance to be a difficult subject. That’s because everything affects everything, plus each woman’s situation is unique.
So I was geared up for a struggle when I started these lessons, but to my delight, found that Pam is not just an expert, she’s also an excellent writer and amazing communicator. She makes it so clear and understandable - it’s not hard at all!
 Highly recommended!”

  Llolyn Pobran, D.C., 
                                                  Standard Process NW Representative
                                                    (North Idaho and Eastern Washington) 
"Wow, Pam, this taps in to a big need out there for honest, straightforward information."
                                                                 Man in a four-female household
"Pam, this is wonderful - well laid out... comprehensive...invites you.. a winner! Well done!
                               Linda Ryan, Herbal Consultant to Health Professionals
Includes extra bonus materials throughout the course 




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