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Step-by-Step Directions for

setting up your Affiliate Account


Here are the steps to set up your payment account so you can start earning money right away: (and you may have already done them all, in which case, you're all set!)


1.The only thing you need to begin is a Clickbank ID.  If you don't have one already, then you can get one for free by Clicking Here.  When you have it, it will look like this:
                       [your Affiliate ID]. 

2. Once you have your Clickbank ID, log in to your Clickbank account. Click on "Marketplace", type in "Natural Female Hormone Care", click search. (You must log in first, before you will see "Marketplace", which is on the bar at the very top after you log in.) Next, Click "Find Products" in the box that comes up above the picture. Then type in "Natural Female Hormone Care". When "Natural Female Hormone Care"comes up, click "Promote". Then, copy and paste its code someplace handy so you'll know where to find it. It's pretty long and ugly, so you might want to go to to shorten it for your emails, landing pages, blogs, tweets, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest updates, YouTube videos or other promotional materials.  The numbers to contact ClickBank support are 800 390 6035 or 800 472 9400 Mountain Time.

3. Now you're ready to go to the Affiliate Resource Center and read the terms of use. Click here  From there you'll be able to get lots of complimentary promotional materials you can use to promote your link. You'll be up and running in under a minute!

You'll have everything you need to get started right now. That includes...

  • Your confirmation email from Clickbank (if you've just signed up) with your affiliate login details.  
  • Access to the ready-made stockpile of order-producing content.  
  • Your unique affiliate link for immediate use.  

We're excited to share an ever-growing variety of free support materials with you so you can add your affiliate link and distribute them to your contacts.

If you have a request for a particular promotional material, you're welcome to let us know at:




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