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As a woman, I've no doubt had my share of hormonal issues.  Looking back, and knowing what I know now, I can see how the health issues I experienced were hormonally based, but I had no idea at the time.  Likewise, neither did the health care professionals I consulted.

I'd had a really good life going, with successes and satisfactions - that is, until my health came crashing down so far that I literally had to be scraped up off the floor of an airport where I'd collapsed waiting to board a plane.  That was a major wake up call - one that was really unpleasant, inconvenient and painful at the time, but one for which I am now eternally grateful.

I had been travelling the world (ten countries and four continents) teaching both lay audiences and health professionals about  the developmental process throughout life. After graduating from the University of Illinois, I had  studied Transactional Analysis (TA) with its founder, Eric Berne, M.D., and had become both the first nurse and the first woman to become a Clinical, and then Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst. My colleagues in 72 countries around the world had conferred their highest award in the International Transactional Analysis world. I'd published articles and books (translated into 10 languages and sold over 100,000 copies) that became the basis for Master's and PhD  theses and to raise and educate children. I had a private practice with a waiting list.

But my body couldn't sustain it, despite the fact that I was taking pretty good care of myself.  Turns out there's a whole other level of care I needed - and that every woman needs - and it has everything to do with hormones! 

As an R.N. I already knew chapter and verse about the hormone system - the names, the hormones they made, the drugs that were used to address problems. But that approach didn't fix it. As I searched for what my own body needed, I began sharing what I was learning with my women clients, and soon my counselling practice morphed into the work I now share in these lessons.

Having amassed well over 500 post -graduate hours in clinical nutrition, herbology and applied kinesiology (a process that continues), I often forget what it was like not to know this crucial, life-saving and life-supporting information, - that is, until (as happens constantly) I see not only what my women clients don't know about their own female bodies, but also, sadly, what their health care professionals don't know!  (Our female bodies do NOT operate  just like men's bodies with a baby factory attached, for example!)

I'm now aware of how much I suffered and how much of it could have been avoided had I known then what I know nowabout female hormones being central to every aspect of a woman's health.  Looking back at the life of my mother and her generation, and realizing how much my story is still being unnecessarily repeated in other women's lives is what motivates me to share this hard-won information with other health professionals and others who are interested.

I would love to share it with my grandchildren, too, but  they are boys. So I put these lessons out in the hope they'll reach the people who will pull back the curtain of hormonal ignorance, not only for this generation, but for those who follow.

Pamela Levin R.N.
Teaching & Supervising
Transactional Analyst



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